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Thursday, September 03, 2009

What about health care reform is so hard to understand?
Posted by Jill | 5:15 AM
This guy from Iowa explains it all in a way even white guys should be able to understand:



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Anonymous Sean McLeod said...
WTF is with the "white guy" comments? I'm a 50-something white guy who is old enough to have supported and worked for civil rights, women's rights, and human rights, and I'm still to the left of most people who call themselves liberal. It disturbs me to think that we tried to change a world in which women and minorities could be openly and casually disparaged based on their race or gender, and ended up in a place where it's okay to openly and casually disparage white men based on their race or gender. Why do you do that? Do you think that white men are per se ignorant racists? Is this what passes for clever progressive commentary these days?

Blogger Bartender Cabbie said...
Sean I am afraid this is what passes for the "clever prgressive commentary." You should check out some of the rest of the gibberish here. I love this blog, the entertainment value is wonderful.

Blogger Jill said...
Actually, it's a play on something i heard Jerry Garcia once say. It might have been about "the Bo Diddley beat", but what he said was "the beat is down where even white people can find it."

It's an obscure reference to be sure, and I don't expect anyone to get it, but if it helps you feel that you are the true victims of American society, well, have a blast.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Jill, nobody got the joke but you. I clicked through to register my disagreement with your "humor". - mcnford