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Monday, April 13, 2009

Welcome Bo!
Posted by Melina | 10:18 AM

I cant imagine life without dogs; to that end, I currently have 6! First Dog Bo officially makes his appearance this Tuesday, a gift from Teddy and Victoria Kennedy. This is the first pet for the Obama family and I, for one, will be following along closely....it is possible after all to be interested in the frivolous details of the real life of a real family while still knowing whats going on in the world!

This wonderful photograph was lifted form the Today Show page and was shot by White House photographer Pete Souza. Visit his site for a look at some of the most fabulous pictures of the First Family that Ive seen so far, along with some of the most incredible photojournalism out there.

c/p RIP Coco

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Blogger Unknown said...
Bo looks cute. I'm glad the girls got a puppy. I think no responsible child who wants one should have to grow up without a canine companion.

Anonymous mauritiushotels said...
I think that as long the girl is still small, it is better to have a puppy that will grow along with the girls. It will more protective.

What a cute doggie. ;) And we got an adult dog (much less work) when we adopted our Genevieve, and she's great, but she never bonded as much with Maya as I would have liked. Clear that she wasn't around kids as a puppy.