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Monday, August 27, 2012

Why is Paul Ryan Still on the GOP Ticket?

(A Brilliant @ Breakfast exclusive.)

Cotton Marcus: Do you believe that if you go ahead and allow the Holy Ghost into your heart, you can be cleansed of all your sins and sit in the Kingdom of God?
Congregation: Amen.
Cotton Marcus: That is what I'm talking about. Can I get an amen?
Congregation: Amen.
Cotton Marcus: Can I get a hallelujah?
Congregation: Hallelujah!
Cotton Marcus: Can I get a hallelujah and an amen?
Congregation: Hallelujah, amen!
Cotton Marcus: Do you know if you take two ripe bananas, you put them in a bowl, and you put some sugar and you go ahead then bake it for 400, you can go and pull it out and have yourself banana bread? Hallelujah!
- Rev. Cotton Marcus in THE LAST EXCORISM

I think it's a serious and legitimate enough question if you play this video and carefully listen to its content.

Because in it, Paul Ryan adroitly slips in this little nugget about rape being "a method of conception." Which is kind of like, I don't know, referring to murder as a mere part of the cycle of life. And Ryan gets away with it, seemingly, because like the David Duke/Tim Pawlenty faction of the "new" Republican Party, he sounds perfectly reasonable until the exact nanosecond you actually begin listening to him. On the other side of the coin, as long as you keep up that evangelical fervor, you can give your congregation a fucking recipe for banana bread as Rev. Cotton Marcus did in THE LAST EXORCISM and get them to sing hosannas. But when Marcus gave the banana bread recipe to his flock, he was proving a point: You can get away with saying anything as long as you preach to the choir and frame it in a context they can understand.

Sadly, the mainstream media is part of the choir and has been for quite some time.

Like the HuffPo's Paul Slansky (whose paying gig is at the New Yorker) says, this is infinitely more serious than Todd Akin's campaign-sodomizing, achingly stupid comment about rape and phantom spermicide. Because this is a matter-of-fact statement springing from easy, heartfelt conviction from a Roman Catholic who actually doesn't give a shit about women who have to live through nine months of pain and emotional, social and psychological stigma of bringing her rapist's child to full-term nor about the child who by necessity has to one day be told about the brutal circumstances of his or her conception.

Slansky also makes a good point in which he touches on Ryan's heartbeat away from the presidency should Romney, heaven forbid, get elected. Since Romney is the very personification of TS Eliot's Hollow Man, it's a given that Ryan will have a Cheneyesque degree of influence when it comes time for Romney to nominate a Supreme Court justice. Since there are virtually no degrees of separation between Romney's Mormonism and Ryan's Catholicism when it comes down to abortion, it's a given that we'll see a judicial nominee who's little more than a hit man-in-waiting regarding Roe v Wade.

Yet, typically, the mainstream media has given Ryan a complete pass on this rape as a "method of conception" because, being the presumptive VP nominee on the Republican ticket, Ryan, for some reason, brings an undeserved rep as having an adult gravitas that will forever elude Akin. He's the other grownup on the ticket and the intellectual, to boot.

So, except for Slansky and the HuffPo, virtually no one else is talking about this stupendously callous comment made by Paul Ryan last week and what it would mean to be a woman of child-bearing age in this country. The so-called rationale behind this chilling statement is all too unmistakable: The Republican Party and the evangelical nutbags who still control it care more about an inert bundle of cells violently and viciously brought into being through rape (which is about control and humiliation and almost never about sex) than it does for the female victims and women in general.

So, if we're worth our weight in Cheetos dust, we seriously need to give this statement some much-needed traction and force the Republican Party to own up to this and to explain it.
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Blogger Phil said...
Nice job JP.

Well written too.