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Monday, August 27, 2012

Tweety Drinks the Potion Instead of the Koolaid

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Remember that Sylvester the cat cartoon where Tweety drinks the Jekyll and Hyde potion and turns into a huge, hideous monster? I think someone slipped something like that into his drink at the Elephant Bar in Tampa on Morning Joe because he just eviscerated a certain little French bulldog/human hybrid who goes by the name of Reince... Rinsed Penis about Romney and the GOP using the race card. It was over a minute and a half before Rinsed Penis could get a word in edgewise and then every time he opened his mouth and yipped out more right wing talking points ("Both sides do it," "Obama's looking to Europe for guidance", yada yada.) Tweety ripped into him again.

Chris Matthews rips Rinsed Penis a new one at the Elephant Bar.

This didn't make Tom Brokaw happy and said in that irritating clenched teeth, Daddy Warbucks accent that he didn't agree with Matthews. But what's there not to agree with? Romney's "joke" in Michigan about no one having asked to see his birth certificate wasn't a joke at all but a carefully timed jibe about Obama's foreignness? The Romney campaign's misleading and despicably-motivated ads about welfare reform should've been pulled off the air immediately when they were thoroughly debunked?

Typically, Joey Scar's trophy co-host Mika Brzezinski suggested that they ought to take a break because, you know, certain dissidents were getting too uncomfortably close to the truth and about to veer into dangerous "feet to the fire journalism" that allowed Edward R. Murrow to help define TV journalism in its infancy.

So take note, people: Tweety will shrink back to his harmless little yellow self, get called on the carpet and that'll be the end of Tweety's Jekyll and Hyde routines. So treasure this clip because this is what the truth used to sound like in election years past.
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