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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Posted by Jill | 6:55 AM
I don't know why they don't just put on a bunch of white sheets and hoods, burn a cross in front of the Tampa Bay Times Forum and be done with it already. I mean seriously -- why be coy? The sum total of the Republican argument for why they should be put in control of the executive branch is "Can't You See That Man Is A Ni--?"

For the Senate and House it may be about punishing the dirty whores who won't stop having sex, and about not allowing gay people to get married, lest closeted Republicans start believing that they could choose to live an honest life instead of the one they're living. In the Senate and House it's about making nice with the guys who have turned them into millionaires. But for the executive branch, it's all about how the pigmentation of the current occupant of the White House is unseemly, and that is why he must be ousted.

All this talk about birth certificates, and Kenyan anti-colonialism, and secret Muslimhood, and all the rest of it is really just sublimation of the word the right really wants to use to describe the current President of the United States.

So let's give them a free pass for a week, shall we? Let's say that for the next week, Republicans are allowed to ues the "N" word all they want. Let the nation know what it's REALLY about.

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Anonymous CC said...
The Founding Fathers, for all their imperfections, were kind of anti-colonial, too. So Gingrich apparently hates the Founding Fathers.