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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Top 10 Revelations in Today's Parliament Inquiry into News Corp.

Today, C-SPAN3 covered the British Parliament's Committee hearing into News Corp's business practices. Rupert Murdoch's media empire has been rocked by a phone hacking scandal that involves British police, three Prime Ministers, 9/11 victims, celebrities and murder victims. Both Mr. Murdoch and his son James staunchly denied any knowledge or involvement in cell phone hacking. But there were actual revelations that came out during today's hearings. What were the top ten?

  • 10) Rupert Murdoch doesn't like pie.

  • 9) Octomom defense invoked: "This is a large company with lots of employees! How, O how can I possibly keep track of all those rascally rapscallions?"

  • 8) Dead News of the World whistleblower Sean Hoare was once almost killed by a garbage truck while trapped in dumpster behind Buckingham Palace.

  • 7) James Murdoch told MP Collins that his wife wanted him to bring home a liter of milk and toilet paper on his way home.

  • 6) Hacking into phones ensures a certain amount of transparency in journalism but not in government enquiries.

  • 5) Both Murdochs were completely ignorant of the fact that their media outlets hacked into cell phones over and over and (repeat 4,800 times)...

  • 4) The best man to clean up this mess is the guy who owns a network filled with racists, liars, lunatics and Republican partisans.

  • 3) Pieman who'd gotten the jump on Murdoch was the only person in the UK who hasn't had his cell phone hacked.

  • 2) It was an act of clairvoyance that News of the World knew which New York hotel actor Jude Law was staying in, what room he was in and how much he'd spent on room service.

  • 1) That even if the Murdochs' claims of ignorance are to be taken at face value, perhaps their utter inability to ensure their empire is run in an efficient and ethical manner provides the world with a referendum on why there are antitrust laws and why one man should not wield that much power.
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    Anonymous Anonymous said...
    The stock price is wavering. If the shareholders, partners and cronies of Murdoch start a full audit of the books of all of the "empire," I think that they will be just as solid as Enron Corporation's books were a couple of years ago.

    Most of the dead tree part of the "empire" is losing money. There have been a couple of big hits like the MySpace boondoggle.

    That will be where the ax hits the tree.

    Politicians and police not so much.

    Blogger Pangolin said...
    It's strange how these highly paid CEO's of major corporations always turn out to be totally ignorant of their companies day-to-day operations. It does tend to make one believe that their high pay might be a little but unjustified.

    Every time a CEO sits in front of a political crimes investigation they know nothing. Fire them and take their back pay away and charge them with fraud.