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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

So why is she on the cover of Newsweek?
Posted by Jill | 5:54 AM
Bill Maher had some choice words about Newsweek slapping Sarah Palin on their cover every couple of months because they think she sells magazines. I'm not sure why they do this. If they're selling male fantasy, why not just put a Victoria's Secret model up there and cut the crap already?

Palin feels like so much yesterday's news these days, now that there's a new grifter Reublican female presidential candidate in town, and yet the media machine still insists on extending her shelf life because it can't imagine a 2012 without Sarah Palin running for president.

Here's the problem, though. Newsweek costs about four bucks at the newsstand. For only another three bucks, you could have taken in a bargain matinee of Undefeated, the cinematic love letter to The Oldest High School Mean Girl In Captivity, and had free air conditioning in the bargain.

Except that Mrs. "I Can Win" can't, if only about 9,000 people showed up:

The film opened in 10 mid-sized cities Friday and grossed about $70,000 for the weekend for a per-screen average of about $5,000, the distributor reported. Based on average U.S. ticket prices, that works out to a very rough estimate of less than 9,000 people paying to see “The Undefeated” in its first weekend.
Read more:

The Politico article linked above tries mightily to make it seem like this is some rip-roaring success, but the reality is that a film about the Heather-In-Chief is going to do very well among the red-meat, Rich Lowry Starburst crowd, and nowhere else. Preaching to the converted always does well among the converted. For everyone else, we had her number a long time ago.

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Blogger PurpleGirl said...
The movie was only at 10 screens!!!!! 10 freaking screens. 10 screens nationwide! Even for a documentary, that ain't very many or very good. It's pitiful.

Blogger Leslie Parsley said...
The movie fail was to be expected but what the hell was Newsweek thinking? Are they trying to resurrect a dead horse?

Anonymous neonnautilus said...
I wonder who paid to produce this bomb?

Blogger Pangolin said...
The U.S. media is working desperately to maintain the illusion that there is some sort of hidden conservative majority in the U.S. Nothing could be further from the truth.

The conservative agenda is losing ground with the actual populace. That populace is in turn increasingly tuning out of conservative-touts such as Newsweak and getting their information elsewhere.

Nobody believes their bullshit anymore. Even Texas governor Rick Parry, sometimes secessionist, has gone running behind the skirts of the U.S. Federal Government begging for a bailout now that Texas is laid low by a massive drought.

Newsweak might as well be Pravda under Gorbachev; telling the good Soviets that all will be well with the Afghan occupation......

Anonymous mandt said...
'Undefeated', like watching beige paint dry-----GMWAS

Blogger jurassicpork said...
I bought the latest Newsweak but not because of Palin being on the cover. I bought it for Carl Bernstein's article, "Murdoch's Watergate."