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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

It's a Sarah Palin world, we just are allowed to live in it...for now
Posted by Jill | 5:07 AM
And so it begins again, the media love affair with Sarah Palin. If you watched the news at all yesterday, you know that it was all Sarah Palin, all the time. Every news broadcast was turned into the Sarah Palin show. This morning it's the same thing -- the only story that the news broadcasts think is important is whether this aging prom queen is going to run for the presidency.

Has it ever occurred to these people that this love affair may just put this incurious, mean-spirited, idiotic sociopath into the White House?

You'd think that they'd have wised up by now, what with the 2008 debacle and the relentless self-promotion that she's done since. But no, all Sarah Palin has to do is put on yet more drag (this time a motorcycle helmet) and they're all ejaculating in their pinstripes. (And didn't we have enough from 2000-2008 of a moronic so-called "president" who liked to dress up in costumes?)

I realize that Tim Pawlenty is colorless. I realize that Mitt Romney is plastic. I realize that all the other would-be Republican nominees are batshit crazy (as if Palin is not?). But at what point does the giant maw of cable television news have to do something like actually INFORM, instead of just providing a platform for this blatant self-promoter?

Yesterday was Memorial Day. We still have troops in Iraq and Afghanistan, though for what end is now a mystery. Thousands of families spent the day yesterday remembering their loved ones instead of grilling burgers, developing melanoma at the beach, or shopping at the mall. You'd think the media would pay attention to some of them. But no, all Sarah Palin has to do is flash her lovely capped teeth, and the media are right there bearing the Greatest Gift of All -- endless, nonstop attention.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...
Sarah Palin is simply the political version of Lady Gaga...