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Monday, January 11, 2010

Around the Blogroll and Elsewhere
Posted by Jill | 9:13 PM
I kind of feel like I'm tempting the "One slip and the Great Pumpkin may pass you by" rule, but I really miss being able to prowl around the blogosphere looking for gems. Of course gainful employment is a good thing, but I wish I could do this more than I do.

Things like:

PhysioProf on how we are a nation of spoiled children.

Gotta Laff: Quick quiz: Who owns the publisher of Game Change?

Bob Cesca: Imagine the hue and cry on the right if Al Franken had ever said this on HIS radio show while Bush was president.

Ken has unearthed The Top Ten Plans for Governing, Formulated by Obama Strategists.

Pam on Pope Ratzi's latest rantings.

Yeah. What Cookie Jill said. Except I'd go a step further and give Roger Maris his record back. And let's give Hank Aaron his record back too, while we're at it.

Although he's not a blogger, Eugene Robinson's take on the Harry Reid fracas is worth a read. And yes, he's allowed to weigh in on it a lot more than pasty-faced Liz Cheney is.

Didn't the right learn ANYTHING from the debacle that was The 1/2 Hour News Hour? James Wolcott on the apparent debacle that is The Daily Caller. Jesse weighs in too. Let's see, we have Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert and Wanda Sykes and Marc Maron, etc., and they have -- Tucker Carlson. Hardly a fair fight.

Condolences to Hoffmania. We're glad you're back, though, because of succinct observances like this.

Amanda makes a compelling argument for mandatory retirement for Senators.

Glenn Greenwald chews up and spits out the pieces of Mark Halperin, a fate this hack richly deserves.

And finally, the indispensable Driftglass on Sullivan vs. Nooners.


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Anonymous Comrade PhysioProf said...
Thanks for the fucking link, Jill!

Blogger driftglass said...
Many thanks, Jill.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
i am a daily reader who seldom comments so i just want to thank you for this list / i have worked my way through it and, now, just before Driftglass, i want to say once more how much i appreciate your daily posts


Blogger Unknown said...
Hey Jill, I got a great blogging tip for you. When you get around to covering the Massachusetts special election, maybe you could refer to Scott Brown as "Scott Brownshirt," LOL!!!

(Don't have to credit me, that one's on the house!)

Blogger Jill said...
Glad to see you're still an asshole with nothing worthwhile to bring to the table, Barry. Is that why you stopped blogging?

Blogger Unknown said...
No, that's why I started.