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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

What the Health Care Reform Battle is Really About
Posted by Melina | 8:38 AM
Sometimes things just become clear...clear to anyone who wants to look or who is paying attention. Here's the deal; its not about individual stories or how unfair things are. Its not about how the system is broken and the intricacies of who is really running things. This is a political fight, and on a deeper level, its all about racism and the uppity negro in the White House, put there by the rabble, who should have no voice. They don't care about you or me; they only want him to fail! They don't care about America, they only want to enrich themselves on earth and ensure a place in their own personal version of heaven.

No one benefits from this....it hurts the entire country.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...
Not trying to be irritating because I really like this site, but
"What the Health Care Reform Battle is Really About" has to rank in the top 50 of silly headlines that I've read in the last year.


Bribery works. Hell, people used to be amazed at the high paying jobs that I could get with my work history. I never bothered to tell them that I bribed the interviewer and ALWAYS got the job. There were one or two that refused the bribe, but there was always another job. Going from not working for six months to being the controller of a large corporation paying $50,000 per year shows IT WORKS.

You want health care and few reforms you gotta raise the money.
You gotta blackmail the Senators and Representatives. You have to make their lives a living hell.
Get a powerful megaphone at WalMart and go to your congress critter's house and wake him up screaming "Single payer now, you bribe taking asshole." Save the slip and take the megaphone back to Walmart for a refund because "It is not loud enough."

In fact, don't ever rent anything that Walmart carries, they make enough to give a month's free use of a TV, saw, compressor, set of sheets, see you gotta think outside the box.

You try to fix things with the rigged system, you gonna get your asses kicked.

Blogger Jayhawk said...
I don't want to see a health care reform bill fail, I want to see a health care reform bill. We haven't seen one yet, and it's doubtful that we ever will.

We are seeing a health insurance reform bill and, that being better than nothing, I hope it passes.

Blogger Steve said...
Anon is correct. This is not about Health Care, it's about Congress Care and they will use the summer recess to get the most money for themselves that Congress Care can provide.

Blogger Cirze said...
The insurance companies win.

Big bucks!

Always will.

Until we get single payer.

Thanks for all you do.