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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Tweety in the Headlights; Chris Matthews v. Ari Fleischer Smackdown
Posted by Melina | 10:24 PM

This evening Chris Matthews, or Tweety as he is known amongst his "fans....not!", democrat again because its in style, and raring for a fight against the very people that he has been massaging for the past 8 years, said that while interviewing Ari Fleischer last night on Hardball that a statement had gotten by him that he didn't notice until he watched the rerun at 7PM. Maybe it was a slow news day, but I'm wondering why Ari Fleischer gets a podium at all...I'm wondering how its possible that these Bush criminals think that they can get on TV and lie again and again. The denial and the bold spewing of shit is interesting on a psychological level, but hey, we can discuss what happened without having them around to keep up the party line, right?

I guess that the bookers wanted some turmoil and someone to throw the hard balls at, and I suppose that in his new persona as a dem again, he may be doing some good to let the likes of Fleischer get up and try to keep up the old, old talking points and slap them down as a simple illustration of the situation that we just got out of. Maybe if you show the American people a fight, and what is known as "good TV," its an actual service.

Well as Ari finished up his absolutely inane recitation of the talking points, and how they couldn't have possibly done anything in response to the memo that Bin Laden was gonna strike in the US, he said straight out that Saddam Hussein attacked us on 9-11. Now, we have to know that's not true and that it was one of the big lies that got us into this mess. Its shocking that anyone is still saying that, and its shocking that this straightforward statement goes by the wide eyed Tweety in the headlights. Maybe his producer was talking in his ear, but I woulda hoped that that same producer would have immediately said "hey Chris, did you get that?" I mean, it took till an hour later and he saw it himself on the rerun without anyone mentioning it to him? Ho hum, I guess that the staff over at MSNBC has been so inundated with unchallenged lies, that even now that the tables have turned a little, they just let them roll on by.

Tonight Matthews brought it up and commented on it...whatever. I hope that every dope who saw that smack down last night was in the audience tonight for the comeback, because the insidious planting of this information has to stop, and if Tweety is not up to it, maybe he should let someone else take over these sorts of interviews. I'm thinking Rachel Maddow or Sam Seder; either of whom is smart and quick enough to have torn him to shred and still brought the segment in on time.

Y'know, one thing that Fleischer said that was true is that Matthews is disingenuous. He is just the kind of rat who jumps from ship to ship as it suits him. In my opinion, and as much as I love to hear the turncoats disavow that which they supported to the horrible detriment of this country, its too fucking late for Matthews to rehabilitate himself. He seems less a hard ball journalist these days than a dazed and confused wild animal trying frantically to find the angle that's gonna let him hold his job. Gee, wouldn't that be like so many Americans already weathering the new depression? Welcome to reality Tweety; the reality that you helped create.

c/p RIP Coco

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Blogger Interrobang said...
The Saddam Hussein did 9/11 thing is the same freakin' lie they've been pushing for eight years now.

Didn't you catch the much bigger, much scarier lie? "How dare you suggest 9/11 happened on our watch?"

The Saddam Hussein thing was basically a lie of convenience, even though it was rewriting history to an egregious degree (although not a particularly outstanding degree by Bush Administration standards). Certain factions within the US government had Hussein set up as the demon du jour since the 1990s; I remember talking about how Hussein was being demonised in the US and Canadian media way back when I was in high school.

"How dare you suggest 9/11 happened on our watch?" is much worse. It's a complete fabrication, without even the flimsy "well, he might could have been" plausible deniability one could have around the Hussein-9/11 thing if you were a scuttlefish. After all, by saying that, Fleischer either was stating that Clinton was still president on 11 September 2001, or disappearing Bush from the historical record between the 2000 election and 12 September 2001 entirely. That's not just "Well, if we bend the truth enough and count on people's ignorance of Middle Eastern culture, we can make this make sense," it's off the rails.