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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Move over, Juan Valdez, there's a new face of coffee
Posted by Jill | 7:26 AM
For what they claim is only a limited time (perhaps because of Marc Maron and Sam Seder's history of being allowed to broadcast on Air America's dime), the Just Coffee co-op is offering special Break Room Live coffee blends! Choose from

Just Coffee is a 100% fair trade roaster that would deserve support even if they didn't sell coffee in special Break Room Life funny bags. But today we at B@B are doing the happy-happy dance because we asked them to do this. Choose from the delicious and informative Break Room Blend, Survival Sam's Survival Roast, to be used only in the event of Peak Coffee, Angry Chef Happy Coffee, and the Handshake Special blend, where cynicism and pessimism make peace.

El Exigente that, bitchez.

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Blogger Melina said...
This is a fantastic company...when they first announced the sponsorship and special discount I bought the Maya Superdark dark and the Peru decaf (because I like to make it half-caf so I don't end up psychotic after drinking a pot!)
The price is good and the coffee is great! Now that they have the new labels, I'm in!!...I just have to work my way through the 4 lbs of what Ive got here!
lets make a direct widget...Ill look into it today.

I strongly recommend this stuff! They couldn't have a better sponsor/partner!