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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Marc and Sam Explain it All For You
Posted by Jill | 6:15 AM
Now that NovaM has crashed and burnt, and it's successor, On Second Thought Radio, was simply a blip on the media telescope and burnt out upon re-entry, the hapless Air America has decided, undeterred by the infamous Jerry Springer Experiment, that the answer to its noon-to-three slot vacancy is yet another trash TV host, Montel Williams.

Yesterday, Marc Maron and Sam Seder, whose combined history with Air America has inoculated them against any further disgust and who may yet have the last laugh on all this progressive media hubbub, see this as an opportunity:

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Blogger Melina said...
Another disgusting decision by the programmers at AOL...
Jerry Springer is looking to move his show to the Rich Forum in downtown Stamford and the church up the street is protesting because the content is so disgusting. I suppose that it brings jobs and tax revenues to town (though I'm sure that Jerry is getting some sort of a tax break, as do all productions that shoot here,)its a trade off for the cultural circling of the drain that is implied in everything Jerry does.
Now Montel....I dont know. He is not AAR liberal talk, is he? It seems to me that he is more touchy feely....
whatever. Ive had it.
Im using my zune and I can get Rachel's full MSNBC show with video on that (Im hoping to be able to watch Breakroom Live that way soon) and the tech podcasts...and they just added Davey and Goliath. I don't even listen to Ring of Fire much anymore...AAR is pretty much gone for me except BRL....and I need to be able to podcast that because I'm not around that much during the afternoons.
so sad to see AAR over run by this pap....

Blogger Jill said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...
>>Air America has decided, undeterred by the infamous Jerry Springer Experiment, that the answer to its noon-to-three slot vacancy is yet another trash TV host, Montel Williams.<<

Huh? Williams will be from 9 AM to Noon (ET), not noon to three.

Blogger Melina said...
9-12 or 12-3, Im not there, nor are most of the supposed audience of AAR...so who cares what their lineup is anymore?
Liberal talk, if thats what Montel is gonna claim he is doing, as Jerry Springer did, is nothing if youre still running the bottom feeder, mud wrestling, he's-not-yo-daddy circus in your spare time and calling it capitalism.
Montel had a moment when he tried to help those with MS, because it effected HIM!...but otherwise, he doesnt really care about the culture.
Look, I dont love people like Oprah, but at least she took the chance to say enough to the push to have more and more sensational content.
And you know what? she still has an audience.
Those who rely on crap content lack the talent to make due with...well, their own talent...