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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Set your DVRs, this is gonna be good
Posted by Jill | 9:42 AM
I can't wait:
Wanda Sykes, a standup comedian and actor known for her tart commentary on current events, has been chosen as the entertainer at the annual White House correspondents dinner in May.

Sykes, an African-American, is expected to get the chance to make fun of President Barack Obama.

It is a tradition that the president attends the black-tie gala, which attracts about 2,000 people, including the White House press corps and Hollywood celebrities.

Sykes says she already is planning ways to poke fun at the president, including about his reputation for being "a little long-winded."

If I'd gotten down on my knees and prayed for some comedy gold I couldn't ask for better than the funniest woman in America.

Here's a taste of the kind of things we're going to hear. And more:

And with last year's comedian:

And more and more and more.

But Wanda Sykes is more than just funny, and this is why having her at this year's event is so important (and how much would you love to see her do the event in this costume from Ellen DeGeneres' Halloween 2008 show):

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Blogger prin said...
there is no other more consistently funny woman on the planet!

Blogger Batocchio said...
She's always funny, but that last segment might be the best one.