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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Poor, Pitiful PUMAs
Posted by Jill | 11:19 AM
Talk about "you know....morons" -- meet Debra Bartoshevich, the Hillarion Rove dupe who thinks John McCain is pro-choice.

Hey Debra, you stupid twit: What part of “I do not support Roe versus Wade. It should be overturned” do you not understand? How does it feel to have fallen right into Karl Rove's trap? How does it feel to have your ignorance exposed in front of the entire nation? And how does it feel to know that your tantrum about your so-called feminist icon may very well set back women's rights by fifty years?

It's probably a bit late for you to wake up, Debra, since all you know is your grievances, but you might take some time and read up on who your PUMA buddies really are.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...
And their completely irrational and emotional reaction to all this truly does advance feminist ideals.

Seems to me they want to be begged for their votes.

Blogger D. said...
Back in 1968, there was division and upset in the Democratic Party because Hubert H. Humphrey got the nomination, and yet I don't recall anyone so vocally disappointed as to have urged voting for Nixon.

(Some Southern Democrats did vote for Wallace. Nobody's perfect.)

If she want to support feminism, Ms. Bartoshevich would do better to talk up the candidacy of Cynthia McKinney.

Oh, wait, Ms. McKinney's black.

[Emily Litella] Never mind. [/Emily Litella]

Blogger D. said...
Oh, and...!

Someone else's take on the glass ceiling (I saw Doonesbury this morning, too).

Blogger btchakir said...
Pandagon shows the organizational proof that PUMAs aren't Democrats at all, but a ploy set up by the Republicans.

They never really supported Hillary, they certainly won't support Obama, and they are proven contributors to McCain.

Are we ever going to get the Karl Roves out of politics?

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