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Saturday, August 30, 2008

I link, YOU decide
Posted by Jill | 10:35 AM
Jazz Shaw has an interesting find over at The Moderate Voice.

Would it matter? Not to me, and probably not to the wingnuts and dupes who think Sarah Palin is an excellent choice. Again...CHOICE. However, if the watchword this year is "It's not the baby, it's the lying", then, well, sauce for the goose, baby.

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Blogger Fran said...
Holy crap!

Blogger D. said...
Hmmmmm... Further research seems to be called for. Alaskan media? Alaskan public records? (Merely a suggestion for somebody in Alaska with lots of time on hand.)

(There was something about a gas pipeline passing through Canada. Unless this pipeline is being routed through the ocean, it has to go through Canada at some point. Pipelines on the ocean floor [particularly an active seismic area like the eastern Pacific rim] have their own drawbacks...)

Blogger Melina said...
oh Jill....what a gossip girl you are!
I actually came to this independently as well..its out there...makes sense...and there is talk about insurance fraud involving the misstating of who is the actual mom on this floppy little thing that they are carrying around.
But hey...its all gravy at this point to me;-)

My question is, are they fucking serious?? Is this a joke?
passive suicide?...WTF?

This makes the Harriet Miers thing look like nothing, Dan Quayle? nothing!...what are McCain's handlers thinking? Because he hardly knew her before this announcement.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Seems there was great surprise when the pregnancy so far along was announced.


Blogger Bob said...
The religious right will love this woman, protect her, defend her, throw money at her. They recognize her as George's true successor, & John McCain now becomes John the Baptist preparing the way. He has redeemed the purpose of his candidacy.

Most of Jersey's right wing bloggers hide behind a libertarian smokescreen, because it ain't cool here to be antichoice, anti stem cell research, & a homobigot. But they'll adore this gal. She's all three.

Blogger Unknown said...
Not only that, but John McCain has a black baby!