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Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Oh, I get it. McCain's is the ONLY military service that matters
Posted by Jill | 10:25 PM
It's perfectly OK to smear John Kerry. It's perfectly OK to smear Iraq war veterans who support withdrawal from that country as "phony soldiers."

It's even OK to hold a fundraiser for a chickenhawk who accuses a soldier who lost both her legs in Iraq of wanting to "cut and run" -- if you're John McCain.

Because in John McCain's world, only HE served honorably. Only HE is entitled to a free pass to the White House because he sacrificed for his country. Only HE is entitled to unquestioning devotion by the press -- and everyone else.

It's all about him.

There's a word for that. It's narcissism.

Haven't we had enough of that over the last eight years?

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Anonymous Anonymous said...
That is the point.

That is the current point.

It too is subject to change.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
But Mike Barnacle wants you to know that Gen. Wesley Clark is just a petulant crybaby who's all about Wesley Clark. Barnacle opened with that this morning on MSNBC.

And the wheel keeps spinning.

Blogger D. said...
Mr. Barnicle (yes, the temptation is great, but I refuse) is not a credible source or a trustworthy opinion. You can replace the name "Wesley Clark" with the name "Mike Barnicle" and get a factual statement.

Mr. Barnicle worked for Robert F. Kennedy and was a speechwriter for well-known liberals--he must know how far he's fallen. (Yeah, I looked him up.)