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Thursday, July 03, 2008

I've been saying it for 20 years
Posted by Jill | 7:42 AM
For 20 years, I've been saying that the Bush family regards the entire country as their own private fiefdom, to plunder as they please and parcel out to their friends.

I was wrong.

They regard the entire WORLD as their own private fiefdom, to plunder as they please and parcel out to their friends.

How twisted do you have to be to send 160,000 American kids to die or be wounded and scarred for life....for THIS:

United States policy is to warn companies that they incur risks in signing contracts until Iraq passes an oil law and to strengthen Iraq’s central government. The Kurdistan deal, by ceding responsibility for writing contracts directly to a regional government, infuriated Iraqi officials. But State Department officials did nothing to discourage the deal and in some cases appeared to welcome it, the documents show.

The company, Hunt Oil of Dallas, signed the deal with Kurdistan’s semiautonomous government last September. Its chief executive, Ray L. Hunt, a close political ally of President Bush, briefed an advisory board to Mr. Bush on his contacts with Kurdish officials before the deal was signed.

In an e-mail message released by the Congressional committee, a State Department official in Washington, briefed by a colleague about the impending deal with the Kurdistan Regional Government, wrote: “Many thanks for the heads up; getting an American company to sign a deal with the K.R.G. will make big news back here. Please keep us posted.”

There are no words to describe how evil these people are.

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Blogger Fran said...
There are words. They are motherfuckers of the lowest kind.

I loathe them.

This does not surprise me, but it infuriates me beyond imagining.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
The monkey wrench is that Iraq has no oil law. Hunt is SOL. Without the law, no contracts for oil are legal and would be nullified.
The problem is that these evil folks are getting away with all of this so far.
And, what about Iran?
The Democratic leaders of congress funded the special ops over the Iranian border, a killing force, so to speak.
Six more months and the question is will we make it?