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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Would someone please get the mainstream media laid already?
Posted by Jill | 9:42 PM
It's no secret that I simply cannot support Hillary Clinton. Her support for the war, her willingness to tear the party to bits to obtain the nomination she seems to feel is her due, and the steamer trunks of baggage she brings to the table with her make her a distasteful option in November.

That said, THIS is just beyond the pale. Why is this news? Why is this relevant? There are plenty of real things to object to about the Clintons, must we REALLY dig this up again? Or is this part of the same mentality that helps some sad, screwed-up girl working as a hooker and fucking the governor of New York get a career of the singer and makes HER newsworthy. It's the same mentality that is dredging up the sex lives of a former governor of New Jersey, and wants to make a big deal out of the marital history of the new governor of New York.

Enough with the sex lives of politicians and the tawdry secrets in their lives.

As Marc Maron used to say when doing his impression of a caller during the Morning Sedition days: "Why don't they talk about the issues? We're fighting for our lives here!"

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Blogger Melina said...
This is just the spot that is weak enough for the swiftboat attack. Of course, they will go after Bill no matter what hes done or not done. The fact that he would do that when people were around, much less his wife, is pretty typical in this day and age...but do we want Bill hanging round the white house without a clear job? I see a swiftboat ad in the making.
The thing is to be ready for these attacks in case Hillary is the nominee.(though, thats one swiftboating thats gonna be hard to counter)

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Not only do they need to get laid, but they need some fucking writing lessons. A blow job cannot be referred to as a "fateful act" by a grown journalist. I'm sorry, but it just cannot. Period. It's like the writing of a 12-year-old.

Blogger Melina said...
You actually read it? I couldnt get past the very beginning...Im glad someone has a strong stomach around here. Ive lost my tolerance.

Blogger adam k. said...
Don't forget Hillary's steadfast defense of Washington lobbyists, and questionable campaign contributions, and all-over-the-place inept campaign.

There are always more reasons not to like her anymore.

Blogger truth said...
I'm sending Brian Ross at ABC a pair of my panties tomorrow, as he clearly has a need to do a lot of panty-snifffing.