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Friday, March 14, 2008

A compendium of Bush Administration horrors
Posted by Jill | 5:47 AM
I usually don't give the mighty Buzzflash the credit it's due. For pure one-stop shopping for news stories, Buzzflash is hard to beat. These days, Buzzflash is struggling, because it's being boycotted by Hillary Clinton supporters who are upset that the site is reporting on the Clinton campaign's efforts to wrest the Democratic nomination away from Barack Obama by any means necessary. So if you can, please throw them a few shekels today by making a donation or buying a premium.

This morning is just one of the reasons why supporting Buzzflash is worth your while. Here are just a couple of examples of why the House of Representatives should have impeached George W. Bush and Dick Cheney a long time ago, and perhaps why even after they leave office (assuming they do), they should be prosecuted -- and also why no one should ever vote Republican ever again.

The Administration doesn't want you to see a report that debunks any notion that Saddam Hussein was in cahoots with Al Qaeda, and debunks any notion that his terrorist activities had anything to do with either the U.S. OR Israel; that they were all with the simple goal of self-preservation. All that "Saddam = Hitler" stuff? All horsepuckey.

Do your kids have asthma? Do you have respiratory problems on hot summer days? Are you concerned about global warming? Well, as far as George Bush is concerned, you can just go Cheney yourself, because the EPA has, at Bush's request, weakened ozone limits the agency set as part of the Clean Air Act. After all, nothing must be allowed to get in the way of the profits of Bush's friends, cronies, and contributors.

Doesn't it bother ANYONE that the White House e-mail system is conveniently missing e-mails from the time period when the criminal investigation of the Plame leak had begun? This is destruction of evidence. Are they going to get away with this too?

While men all over America are fantasizing about fucking the one of forty kazillion pretty girls on MySpace who just happened to be a $4000/hour hooker patronized by the governor of New York, and the news radio stations are talking about nothing but hookers and gym instructor rubbing up against customers, there's new evidence in the OTHER case of a Democratic governor finding himself in hot water, that of Alabama Governor Don Siegelman, that a group of Republican interests stood to profit financially from Siegelman's downfall.

Meanwhile, back in the city that disappeared on George W. Bush's watch and that hasn't come back and probably never will, it seems that Bush's Housing and Urban Development Secretary, Alphonso R. Jackson, steered hundreds of thousands of government contracts to his friends in New Orleans and the Virgin Islands.

And while we're on the subject of Administration Cabinet officials, it seems that Labor Secretary Elaine Chao is stumping for the re-election of her husband, Mitch McConnell, on our dime.

And finally, from the "stifling dissent" file, we have this case of a Denver man who is suing five Secret Service agents for civil rights violations and a conspiracy to retaliate for his dissent. There seems to be an issue of whether the agents are lying about the nature of the man's approach to Cheney.

Meanwhile, in other news, gasoline in Maui has hit $4/gallon, the House votes today on whether to uphold the Fourth Amendment to the Constitution, and U.S.-led forces in Afghanistan have killed a bunch of civilians in our name.
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Blogger LanceThruster said...
At a lecture I attended post Iran/Contra, a lawyer for the Cristic Institute said, "I'm sorry to disillusion you, but would you rather be illusioned?"