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Thursday, February 21, 2008

When was the last time YOU saw a comprehensive health insurance policy with a premium of only $5000 for a family?
Posted by Jill | 6:26 AM
With the cable news channels wrapped up with either ignoring the McCain thinking with his dick (ewwww....) story or trying to spin it so that anything he did was actually VIRTUOUS, they've taken a break from hammering the "McCain is a moderate! He's a maverick! He'll save the Republican party from the right wing crazies!" theme.

But voters should not be fooled. McCain hasn't been anything resembling a maverick since he sold his soul to the narcissist sociopath from Texas, and now it seems he has Phil Gramm as part of his campaign. And Gramm has a plan for health care reform that's so radical, so daring, so fabulously wonderful, that it's going to "revolutionize America's health care system."

Want to know what it is?

Can you guess?

Wait for it.....


Yes, folks, this revolutionary health care plan would eliminate the tax exclusion for health benefits paid by employers, and instead give tax rebates of $2500 to $5000 per family.

Today, McCain is advocating a plan that's radically different from those of Clinton and Barack Obama, and - if he goes all the way by following Gramm - could revolutionize America's healthcare system. For McCain and Gramm, the problem with our healthcare system - and the reason why over 47 million Americans are uninsured - is that it's excessively, scandalously expensive. The solution, they say, is to let Americans shop for healthcare with their own money. McCain advocates giving tax rebates of $2500 per individual or $5000 per family. With that money, families could purchase policies on their own. What's truly radical about the plan is that it eliminates the tax exclusion for healthcare benefits offered by companies to their employees, and replaces it with the $2500 to $5000 rebates.

Consumers could then use that cash to buy their own insurance in what Gramm foresees as a vibrant, consumer-driven marketplace for healthcare packages.

So let's see....no changes to the current environment in which insurance companies can deny coverage for pre-exsiting conditions, deny coverage for procedures they've already approved, ask doctors to rat out their patients who may have conditions they can refuse to cover, pay bonuses to employees who stonewall patients, need I go on? And nothing to bring down the cost of health insurance, because the magic of the "free market" will take care of it. Ah, supply-side economics is alive and well and still living in Texas.

(Ah, what would we do without Sam Seder to find these perfect clips for such situations?)

Does anyone know of a health care plan that provides comprehensive care for a family for $5000?

I guess they're figuring that the supply-side, nonregulatory environment that produces tainted food and drugs will kill off enough people quickly that health care won't even be necessary.

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Blogger Scorpio said...
And have these nitwits a clue what insurance costs a single person?? Mine is 7K. Good thing I start work again next week, huh?