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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

What went wrong
Posted by Jill | 10:31 PM
Pam has a 100% spot-on analysis of the many things that went wrong with Hillary Clinton's campaign. It's not over yet, but the fat lady is putting on Elmer Fudd's magic helmet even as we speak. Because as the Not Quite Driftglass But Damn Close LM says,

He's just shooting. Tapping into “it”. 'Cause “it” is bigger than he is. And that “it” is a tidal wave begun with the Supreme Court's December 2000 judgement that Bush be installed, fluttering down into the collective water of history. The ripple began there, rolled into larger ones with the Iraq debacle, became waves then and rose higher with the repeated flouting of the Constitution—FISA, glad-handing torture, and then, the open subverting of justice, and now crests eight years later on a sweat, shit and pee-inducing Tsunami that isn't about a grumpy bark of “Throw the bums out!”.

No. This is a level beyond that. It's a “Throw the bums out, then burn down the place we were in, so we don't have to remember it and let's build some place completely new that's got no ties to the old bullshit.”

Obama just happens to be the dude who was out there on the breakers when that wave rolled in, and for what it's worth—he's riding the living hell out of it, while everybody else, including unfortunately (for her) Senator Clinton—is directly in the looming shadow of and in the path of the top of that curl's monstrous, white-capped downbreak.

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Blogger Phil said...
This part is over, I'm waiting for the next part,popcorn in hand.
Between now and August we are going to witness the equivalent of a giant ant nest getting kicked as all these
Goopers start realizing the gig is up and they start scrambling for a place to land when November comes and they are out of a job.We'll see just how far right Wing Welfare can go.Thousands of them coming out of the nooks and crannies where Cheney and Chertoff and Rove and all those other fuckers have been stacking the deck.