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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Not me. I finished putting together a Craftsman TV stand
Posted by Jill | 8:10 PM
And last night, it wasn't Chinese food, it was Indian food, at Teaneck's famous Taj Palace, where the Lamb Saag was even better than usual, and the place doing a brisk business dishing up curries for Jews, Indians, and other heathen.

I don't have that "Little Match Girl" thing that some Jews have on Christmas. I long ago learned that the way to deal with the notion that everyone has a big Norman Rockwell Christmas except you is to demystify the holiday and turn it into a day off from work and an excuse to make evil things like ham and macaroni and cheese. And finish putting together that damned TV stand so that when the Dish guy comes the week after New Year's, there's something to put the set on.

But for those who still feel left out, here's a little something for you (via Sam Seder)

And this oldie but goodie:

Buck up, folks! In 3-1/2 hours it'll all be over, and you'll be the one at work tomorrow without post-Christmas letdown.


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