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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

What the fuck is wrong with these people?
Posted by Jill | 3:10 PM
Congratulations, America. Your Democratic majority Congress just voted to give George W. Bush authority to attack Iran.

Of course it's not in so many words, but it's in the form of the Lieberman (need I say more?)/Kyl Amendment, a "sense of the Senate" resolution, sort of like the MoveOn outrage, which finds that:

(2) that it is a critical national interest of the United States to prevent the Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran from turning Shi'a militia extremists in Iraq into a Hezbollah-like force that could serve its interests inside Iraq, including by overwhelming, subverting, or co-opting institutions of the legitimate Government of Iraq;

(5) that the United States should designate Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps as a foreign terrorist organization under section 219 of the Immigration and Nationality Act and place the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps on the list of Specially Designated Global Terrorists, as established under the International Emergency Economic Powers Act and initiated under Executive Order 13224; and

These sense of the Senate resolutions have no legal force, but it is a first step towards giving President 29% legal cover for expanding his insane war into Iran.

In case you're wondering, The Holy Anointed One Hillary Clinton voted for this travesty. So did Harry Reid. So, I'm sorry to say, did both of my Senators, Bob Menendez and Frank Lautenberg (and they will be hearing from me). Senator Barack Obama, who is looking more and more like the quality time he spent with Joe Lieberman included a surgical excision of his spine, skipped the vote.

So remind me again why any Democrat is better than any Republican.

(via Jane Hamsher and Jonathan Schwarz)

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