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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

No longer willing to be Captain Codpiece's sacrificial lamb
Posted by Jill | 6:19 AM
Some people who have escaped the bubble are no longer willing to be George W. Bush's sacrificial lamb.

Saturday's New York Times had an article which clearly illustrated what an appalling and sociopathic individual the current occupant of the White House is. From his open admission that he planned to give speeches "to replenish the ol' coffers" (as if someone with $21 million in assets gained by having his way greased by his father's cronies needs to replenish anything) to his outright lie that the Administration's policy had been to keep the Iraqi Army intact, it truly reflects the psychopathology of this man. Regarding the latter, the article stated:

Mr. Bush acknowledged one major failing of the early occupation of Iraq when he said of disbanding the Saddam Hussein-era military, “The policy was to keep the army intact; didn’t happen.”

But when Mr. Draper pointed out that Mr. Bush’s former Iraq administrator, L. Paul Bremer III, had gone ahead and forced the army’s dissolution and then asked Mr. Bush how he reacted to that, Mr. Bush said, “Yeah, I can’t remember, I’m sure I said, ‘This is the policy, what happened?’ ” But, he added, “Again, Hadley’s got notes on all of this stuff,” referring to Stephen J. Hadley, his national security adviser.

But Bremer is having none of it. No longer part of the Bush Bubble, and perhaps with no dead girls or live boys for the Bush Junta to expose, he's setting the record straight:
A previously undisclosed exchange of letters shows that President Bush was told in advance by his top Iraq envoy in May 2003 of a plan to “dissolve Saddam’s military and intelligence structures,” a plan that the envoy, L. Paul Bremer, said referred to dismantling the Iraqi Army.

Mr. Bremer provided the letters to The New York Times on Monday after reading that Mr. Bush was quoted in a new book as saying that American policy had been “to keep the army intact” but that it “didn’t happen.”

The dismantling of the Iraqi Army in the aftermath of the American invasion is now widely regarded as a mistake that stoked rebellion among hundreds of thousands of former Iraqi soldiers and made it more difficult to reduce sectarian bloodshed and attacks by insurgents. In releasing the letters, Mr. Bremer said he wanted to refute the suggestion in Mr. Bush’s comment that Mr. Bremer had acted to disband the army without the knowledge and concurrence of the White House.

“We must make it clear to everyone that we mean business: that Saddam and the Baathists are finished,” Mr. Bremer wrote in a letter that was drafted on May 20, 2003, and sent to the president on May 22 through Donald H. Rumsfeld, then secretary of defense.

After recounting American efforts to remove members of the Baath Party of Saddam Hussein from civilian agencies, Mr. Bremer told Mr. Bush that he would “parallel this step with an even more robust measure” to dismantle the Iraq military.

One day later, Mr. Bush wrote back a short thank you letter. “Your leadership is apparent,” the president wrote. “You have quickly made a positive and significant impact. You have my full support and confidence.”

So which is it? Is Bush's brain (his biological one, not his doughy, smirking Rasputin, Karl Rove) so destroyed by alcohol at this point that he simply can't remember? Is his psychopathology so far gone that he has simply rewritten history to fit his delusions? Or is he simply lying? Any of these explanations is equally appalling, and equally terrifying, given the current talk of an imminent attack on Iran.

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