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Thursday, July 05, 2007

Your Liberal Media
Posted by Jill | 5:41 AM
The Washington Post, doing its journalistic duty to protect America from a John Edwards presidency by keeping the haircut story alive.

Because what does one Democratic candidate who can't seem to take a significant stand on anything and another one who is 100%, lock stock and barrel owned by big business matter against such vital issues?

And of course let's not forget the Republican front-runners: a guy who promises that when he is president, every day will be 9/11 and another who straps the family dog's carrier to the roof of the car for a four-hour drive.

If we're going to flog insignificant bullshit, can we at least flog Mitt Romney's treatment of animals just as much?

We have a president and vice president who believe that "l'état, c'est nous", that they are above the law, and a Republican party that agrees with them. We're embroiled in a war that is chewing up human lives faster than we can feed more into it. We have oil companies and health insurance companies making obscene profits while they gouge American citizens by withholding their commodity and service respectively. We have Christofascist Zombies seeking to install a Dominionist theocracy in place of our nation. And THIS is the one issue that simply cannot be left alone?

No wonder Americans don't vote.
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