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Thursday, July 05, 2007

Why Chris Matthews is the most infuriating talking head on television
Posted by Jill | 5:52 AM
Because we KNOW that he knows better. And just as we start thinking that he's completely irredeemable, that like the rest of the Washington Press Corps this side of Helen Thomas, his nose is so far up George W. Bush's butt that his dyed yellow hair is protruding from Bush's nose, he manages to pull off something like this:

The conservative pundit corps really is despicable. You have to be a particularly egregious kind of spinner to say that the difference between Bill Clinton's perjury and Scooter Libby's is that one admitted it and the other didn't. By Kate O'Beirne's logic, this turns the notion of justice completely upside down. If you don't admit to a crime, if you let a case go to trial and are convicted by a jury, that means no crime was committed. Not even O.J. Simpson's lawyers thought of that one.

The next time someone you know plays the "Buh...buh....but CLINTON...." card (*cough* Barry *cough*), you might ask that person if they subscribe to the Kate O'Beirne notion of criminal law -- that if an admission of guilt is not made by the defendant, then no crime was committed.

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