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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Around the blogroll and elsewhere
Posted by Jill | 7:18 AM
I'm this close to bringing my laptop to work every day and spending my lunch hours at Starbuck's. But while I can't blog at work, there is still the miracle of Google Reader.

Melina on the death of Tammy Faye Bakker.

Digby on how Fred Thompson's wife is the power behind the basset hound. Somehow I don't think Chris Matthews is going to be as frightened of her cleavage as he is of Hillary's.

Do they produce these conservative fembots out of a factory? This one isn't quite ready for prime time, but the ingredients are all there.

D.R. Scott on That Hair Video.

The Crone Speaks has an update on the supposedly "liberated" women of Afghanistan.

Via Candide's Notebooks, I found a series by OHDave making the case for supporting John Edwards: Part I, Part II, and Part III.

Why should this surprise anyone? Hoffmania on the Little Prince's filibuster of his host at a health care roundtable. And ah, shit, I simply have to sponsor the lovely Bullit, a.k.a. Mrs. Hoffmania, in this event. We Jamaicophiles have to stick together. Barry, are you listening?

John Maine????? You gotta be shitting me! (Bonus points to Mets fans who get that particular in-joke -- and it's not about last night's game.)

What Hume's Ghost said. (hat tip: Spocko)

How about a nice hot cup of WHAT THE FUCK??? Pam serves it up. With hot buttered groat clusters. (Now I wonder if I should get on a plane to Jamaica, let alone Chicago next week...)

Ms. Gypsy on how you can't tell parody sites from the real thing anymore.

No one at my workplace knows the name of this blog, and it isn't because they don't want to know. I don't blog much about work, mostly because it's a good job about which I have no serious gripes, other than the ones that are problems only because they play into my own neuroses. But I worry sometimes: What if I had to find another job? Would this blog, its progressive viewpoint and salty language, make me even more unemployable than being an overweight, 50+ web developer would? What are the costs of emerging from behind the curtain as opposed to the benefits of that freedom? BlueGal wonders too.

And while I hate to link to the Great Orange Satan, this is too good to ignore: Kagro X shows Fox News kicking apostates out of the Republican Party.


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