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Sunday, June 17, 2007

Around the blogroll and elsewhere -- and a word of advice
Posted by Jill | 3:10 PM
Driftglass on Republican Treasonal Affective Disorder.

Matt Stoller and Chris Bowers explain why saying any Democrat is better than any Republican and telling other bloggers they suck just doesn't work for them anymore.

Cernig on the Neocon Bait and Switch.

ShortWoman on a bunch of stuff, including a link to AN ENTIRE BLOG DEVOTED TO NORMAL-SIZED PEOPLE!!

This afternoon I found a bunch of photos from our trip to the late and lamented Enchanted Garden in Ocho Rios about five years ago. This amazing place, which alas is no longer open and has been in Jamaican Tax Hell for years now, had an aviary where you could go in and feed the birds. And since there was a photo of conures eating out of my hand, I figured I'd check in on our Official B@B Parroteer. Today Melina just posted a short post and link back to me, which seemed awfully self-serving to link to. But yesterday she wrote about Karl Rove, the retirement of Bob Barker, and Tech Support Hell. And oh yeah -- parrots. And an Elvis Costello song embedded in there somewhere.

How many of THESE things have you told yourself while dieting?

Anyone who lives in this God-forsaken level of reality won't be surprised to find out that the planet named after the Goddess of Discord is bigger than the one that shares its name with a dumbass Walt Disney dog.

Live Nude Modfab! Well, not nude, but live -- at the Knitting Factory in New York City, Tuesday evening at 6 PM.

The day that 40-plus-year-old women can appear in TV series without Botox is the day we can celebrate. Archcrone deconstructs Alessandra Stanley's article in today's New York Times Arts and Leisure section.

Oh, good Lord. The intrepid Pam wades through the sewer of Wingnuttia -- and reports on how out there in Toontown, women's demands are why men leave and create single-parent homes.

Now, here's the advice: If you're attaching cove molding to old REALLY HARD solid pine cabinets, GET A FUCKING NAIL GUN. Don't do what I did and try to hammer in ordinary nails. Or you too will end up ordering edge veneer and hoping it's a) the same color; and b) hides the bumps left from bent nails in the molding.


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