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Thursday, April 05, 2007

There's still time to find a way to re-animate Leni Riefenstahl for this one
Posted by Jill | 1:31 PM

our buddy allison of blah3 forwarded us a link to this blog, which is extolling all americans to party hearty on july 7 (lucky number 7-7-07), to prove to the troops that america is behind them and their mission:

one fine summer day, there will be thousands of americans waving flags and holding banners saluting american's finest, the united states soldier. the beautiful red white and blue symbols everywhere will be gleaming from proud people, young and old. "operation america rising" will be the largest support the troops rally in history. on 7-7-07, people will meet in the every states capital for fun, music, and speeches. the american soldier will see their country behind them again. proud americans will show their love and appreciation and media coverage will be everywhere.

instead of being a pot filled, bongo drum beating anti this and anti that rally, this will be a pro troop and proud gathering of americans who support our soldiers that are fighting for our freedom all over the world.

after independence day, we will celebrate those who gave us our independence!

we have several "state leaders" in place now, but we need more volunteers from every state. something of this magnitude requires a lot of help. we need people to spread the word all over the internet, help organize, and to contact media and prominent leaders. in the real american online store, and conservative buys.com have "operation america rising" gear available. everything from shirts, hats, and bumper stickers will be available. significant portions of the proceeds will go to the rally for flags and banners. also, a donation will be set up through the online store and the real american truth web site. various promotions will be ran leading up to the rally to help spread the word as well.
well, we sure wouldn't want a pot filled bongo drum beating anti this and anti that rally, now, would we?

kids, friends don't let friends beat bongos.

Mark your calendars now.

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