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Sunday, April 01, 2007

Around the blogroll and elsewhere, April Fool's edition
Posted by Jill | 6:38 AM
I don't THINK any of these are April Fool jokes, but you never know.

Arianna Huffington wonders about the kind of people who think ripping the heads off small animals is a laff riot.

From the "Some people need to get out more" file, Pierre Tristram talks about a push for Florida governor Charlie Crist to posthumously pardon Jim Morrison for allegedly exposing himself in 1969.

Cernig warns against euphoria at the news that the Mahdi Army is standing down. Trojan horse anyone?

The Mets open tonight against St. Louis, and "actor212" at My Left Wing shares both a secret and some much-beloved Thoughts of Famous Men (and a woman) on the game. Read it and understand why for those of us who still love baseball, even through the tears and the steroids and the assholery and the billion-dollar contracts, today is when spring really begins.

If you don't have Times Select, go to Welcome to Pottersville, where they smash the Grey Wall regularly, and read Frank Rich's paean to Elizabeth Edwards.

Next weekend is Blog Against Theocracy weekend. (Nice of y'all to let me know, guys...). BlueGal has some of the logo submissions for the event.

Arthur Silber wonders what it says about us that we applaud another $122 billion dollars to continue to maim and kill people in a war we never should have entered because our politicians are too afraid to say "enough".


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