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Sunday, March 25, 2007

This is what we're up against
Posted by Jill | 8:45 AM
This is what those of us who do not want fundamentalist Christianity shoved down the throats of schoolchildren are up against.

If troubled people find solace, or even a way to turn their lives around, through Christianity, that's wonderful. Enjoy. The problem is that what they "know" to be "truth" has no empirical foundation. It's all about "faith." And while that is their right, it is NOT their right to teach faith as fact in public, taxpayer-funded schools.

What's worse is that if the woman in the video in the linked diary is any indication, these people don't even know their Bible. I don't think that it's written anywhere that Jesus created man in his own image. And there is about as much of a link between Jesus and Noah's Ark as there was between Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden.

"Establishment of religion" doesn't just mean that the government cannot sanction any particular sect of Christianity. It means that government cannot sanction Christianity. Period.

If schoolchildren want to steep their lives in religion, that's fine. If school teachers want to steep their lives in religion, that's also fine. But their right ends at the nose of the person who does not want to be proseletyzed. And in public schools, kids are a captive audience.

That there are people defending a teacher who is telling students they belong in Hell is unconscionable. That there is anyone in a position of authority in a public education system defending a teacher who is teaching the Biblical account of creation as scientific truth is appalling. This country is either going to stand for learning, education, and inquiry or it's going to stand for blind acceptance of what someone tells you.

We have to decide, and if we still believe that the U.S. Consitiution is law, then David Paszkiewicz cannot be permitted to teach his Biblical beliefs as confirmed truth to schoolchildren.

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