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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Connecticut Primary Day Wanker Blogging
Posted by Jill | 5:44 PM
In honor of Joe Lieberman, whose people thought today they could get away with accusing Ned Lamont's people of hacking their web site.

Because they are monitoring web traffic at my job for the next couple of weeks, I missed most of the fun today. But there are many fine denizens of West Blogtopia (™ Skippy) who have been doing a bang-up job of popping the Lieberkinders' balloon.

Crooks and Liars gives the recap. Go check it out, and go to the stories linked. They explain it all for you.

It's astounding that a campaign with $12 million spent only $15/month for web hosting. Amateurs. But the truly reprehensible aspect to this is that the media, with apparently the exception of Tweety, bought the story hook, line, and sinker -- so that if Lieberman loses tonight, they can blame the Evil Bloggers who hacked Joe's site -- except they didn't.

Matt Stoller over at MyDD has the best debunking of the "Lamont staffers ate my homework" tactic, but irony of ironies -- MyDD is down right now. Should we blame Lieberman staffers? Or what probably brought Joementum's site down -- traffic exceeding bandwidth limitations?

Kos pays over $7000/month for the traffic Daily Kos receives. Today he's going to hit a million. If that's what a million visitors cost, and with this being a high profile race, it's pretty clear that Lieberman took the cheapest option -- and then squealed like a stuck pig when his people dropped the ball.

Win or lose, Joe Lieberman owes Ned Lamont a public apology, and so do the mainstream media whores who latched onto this without knowing what they're talking about.

UPDATE: MyDD is back up. Which Joe2006.com could have been if they knew their asses from a hole in the ground.
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