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Monday, June 12, 2006

They keep bringing this up....I think they want to get us used to the idea
Posted by Jill | 9:42 PM
ANOTHER article on Jeb Bush as a future Republican nominee -- and before that, the #2 on the 2008 ticket:

WITH an approval rating of 63%, one Bush is riding high in the polls. But his first name is Jeb and he will be out of office by January. Republicans who think he is too good a politician to waste are hoping to persuade the governor of Florida to become Senator John McCain’s running mate in the 2008 presidential election.
President George W Bush’s younger brother is keeping busy during his final months in power after running one of America’s most critical swing states for nearly eight years. Next month he is travelling to Britain and Ireland for nine days on behalf of “Team Florida”, visiting Farnborough air show and promoting local business links.

British officials believe it is an unusually long stay for an outgoing governor, which suggests he has a wider agenda. In April he visited Afghanistan and Iraq, an essential trip for presidential hopefuls.

“If only his last name was Smith,” sighed Fred Barnes in The Weekly Standard, the right-wing political magazine. “He’d be the prohibitive frontrunner for the Republican presidential nomination in 2008.”

In The Family, a book about the Bush dynasty, Kitty Kelley recounts how in 1998, George W and Jeb, then both governors, were asked about the presidency. “Listen, I didn’t want to grow up wanting to be president of the United States,” said George W.

“I did,” said Jeb.

“Yeah,” George W replied. “You did.”

There was more than a touch of sibling rivalry. Jeb was regarded as more gifted and able than George W, the black sheep, who drank too much. But the younger Bush, now 53 and 6ft 4in tall, has had to shelve his White House ambitions, at least temporarily, on the grounds that America has had its fill of Bushes (their father, George H Bush was the 41st president). “He knows he has to wait it out,” said Barnes.

Bush remains popular because of his record in creating jobs, cutting taxes and holding down spending, his support for family values — despite daughter Noelle’s experience of drug addiction — and promotion of educational reform. George W said twice last month Jeb would make “a great president”, prompting him to rule it out.

That still leaves a vacancy for what for many Republicans would be a dream ticket: McCain-Bush in 2008, with Jeb Bush making up for McCain’s more prickly relationship with traditional conservatives.

It's clear that the Bush family is setting up for its dynasty. They're betting that the country won't be ready for another Bush in 2008, but if they can get Jebbie to attach himself to John McCain for four or eight years, then he can ascend to the American throne that the Bush family seems to think is its birthright.

After all, only a Bush can be relied upon to keep the family's pockets stuffed with enough money to put a band-aid over the black holes in their souls.
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