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Monday, June 12, 2006

The Bush Triumph That Is Iraq
Posted by Jill | 7:53 AM
It seems everyone forgot that the only thing this guy ever succeeded in drilling was dry holes and losing his father's friends' money. I don't know why it's a surprise that he screwed up Iraq:

President Bush's two-day strategy session starting Monday at Camp David is intended to revive highly tangible efforts to shore up Iraq's new government, from getting the electricity back on in Baghdad to purging the security forces of revenge-seeking militias, White House officials said.

As bad as it still is in New Orleans and the rest of the Katrina-hit Gulf Coast (another Bush failure), these guys have had THREE YEARS to get the power back on in the country's capital and haven't even been able to do that.

Billions of dollars have been spent on both electricity and security, yet residents of Baghdad get only five to eight hours of power a day, and the American ambassador acknowledged on Friday that the city is "more insecure now than it was a few months ago."

The implication here is that the money has actually been spent on efforts to get the power back on. Somehow I don't quite buy that. Which American companies were contracted to do that, and HOW much are their top executives being paid?

One of the senior officials involved in the strategy session characterized it as a "last, best chance to get this right," an implicit acknowledgment that previous American-led efforts had gone astray.

What happened to "Mission Accomplished"? Or "Strategy for Victory"? Or any of the other empty Bush Administration slogans that have been used in the context of this total and utter botch-job?

It's one thing for Poppy Bush's well-heeled friends to buy into Junior's failed business endeavors in exchange for access to the old man, knowing full well that Junior is, was and will forevermore be a total fuckup. It's quite another for an entire country to buy into Junior's ill-advised plan to get the guy who tried to kill my daddy / find the weapons of mass destruction / topple Saddam / liberate the Iraqi people / insert your own Bush excuse du jour here.

We let him get us into this. It's time to make him get us out of it.
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