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Thursday, February 09, 2006

This is the Republicans' idea of reform
Posted by Jill | 7:58 AM

First you had John "quid pro quo? Moi?" Boehner taking over the House Majority Leader spot. Now, like a bad penny, Tom DeLay has resurfaced. He may not have gotten his old job, but he's managed to land one almost as good -- a seat on the House Appropriations Committee; and one clearly designed to get him out of the hotseat in the Jack Abramoff mess -- a seat on the House Judiciary Committee:

Indicted Rep. Tom DeLay, forced to step down as the No. 2 Republican in the House, scored a soft landing Wednesday as GOP leaders rewarded him with a coveted seat on the Appropriations Committee.

DeLay, R-Texas, also claimed a seat on the subcommittee overseeing the Justice Department, which is currently investigating an influence-peddling scandal involving disgraced lobbyist Jack Abramoff and his dealings with lawmakers. The subcommittee also has responsibility over NASA — a top priority for DeLay, since the Johnson Space Center is located in his Houston-area district.

The Appropriations seat is vacant because of Randy "Duke" Cunningham's resignation. I guess that is the "crook" seat on that committee.

Now that's the cue for our wingnut trolls to start posting in the comments about how DeLay hasn't been convicted of anything and he's innocent until proven guilty. Too bad they don't believe the same policy applies to Bill Clinton, tens of thousands of inner-city black men every year, and "scary-looking dark-skinned people from the Middle East."
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