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Thursday, February 09, 2006

My foray into politics
Posted by Jill | 9:35 AM

Well, it's not real politics, but I am one of 11 miscreants in the running for the ModFab Six, an occasional gaggle with "a gift for snarky zingers and opinionated passion, a cooler-than-thou zest that's always on the lookout for the Next Big Thing."

It looks like I'm the only straight, middle-aged suburbanite geek in the bunch, so if you'd like to help me whore for blog for traffic and see my witty, urbane repartee with what potentially could be the coolest bunch of snarkerati since the heyday of the Algonquin roundtable, send an e-mail with your vote for me to modern.fabulousity AT gmail.com (substitute "@" for "AT" and remove spaces, for those who aren't familiar with spam thwarting). And toss in votes for Nick and Nathaniel while you're at it.
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