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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Liberal media, my ass
Posted by Jill | 1:31 PM

Fascinating. John looks at how a top producer at MSNBC is doing paid speaking engagements on how to influence conservative voters:

MSNBC senior producer Mike Tirone is speaking on a $279 per listener conference call on Feburary 16. The title of the call is "How to Reach Masses of Conservative Voters with Your Cause, Policy or Political Message." Kind of transparent on its face what that call's about.

But there's more on the Web site of the group hosting the call.

Millions of conservative voters — and the media that serve them — wield enormous influence in America’s public debate. Learn how you can reach this powerful political block with your agenda by listening and talking to editors at top moderate-to-conservative media. These influential decision-makers will explain which kinds of stories you need to tell to grab their attention and how you can develop long-term relationships with them.

And things get particularly interesting in the next paragraph on the site:

Conservatism — from the Christian right and traditional business interests to the ascendant “neo-con” political movement — has emerged as one of the most powerful forces in American life. Likewise, the media that serve this growing segment can deliver your perspective with awesome credibility and power to millions of passionate voters. To gain incomparable insight into the mindset of the conservative voter — as well as find out how to pitch their favorite media — plan to attend this exclusive panel discussion. These editors will tell you how to be more successful in breaking into their media, as well as how to more effectively communicate with their audience.

Really, MSNBC serves "the Christian right" and "traditional business interests"? I thought MSNBC was a network serving all Americans. I didn't realize it had shows, and producers, exclusively serving the religious right and Republican corporate interests.


So now we have senior MSNBC employees training conservative activists in how to use MSNBC to reach conservative voters. Nice. Though, I'm curious how that squares with Federal Election law. Hmmm...

John, alas, makes the mistake of thinking that any laws still apply in this country, other than laws designed to silence dissent and keep gays from marrying the people they love. If he believes anyone in Congress is going to do a damn thing about this, guess again.

I wish someone would hire Keith Olbermann away from MSNBC because I don't watch it otherwise. Not even Keith can save this bunch of miscreants all by himself.

Of course, this does explain some of the lunatic rantings coming out of the mouth of Chris Matthews of late. And here I thought it was because someone in the Administration had photos of him with JimmyJeff GannonGuckert.
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