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Friday, December 30, 2005

Why does Pfizer hate Jesus?
Posted by Jill | 3:16 PM

Gee whiz, you'd think all the anti-sex Christofascist Zombies would be all up in arms about Pfizer's new Viagra ad campaign, which is essentially, "It's New Year's Eve! Get Laid!" But they are sileng; it's AIDS groups saying the ad gives the impression that Viagra is a party drug:

A major AIDS advocacy and treatment group on Friday asked drugmaker Pfizer Inc. to pull advertisements encouraging use of the impotence pill Viagra on New Year's Eve, blasting the ads as recklessly encouraging recreational use of the drug.
"What are you doing on New Year's Eve?" a smiling gray-haired man asks in a full-page advertisement that ran in the Wall Street Journal on Thursday. The ad reads: "Fact: Viagra can help guys with all degrees of erectile dysfunction -- from mild to severe."

The Los Angeles-based AIDS Healthcare Foundation criticized the latest print ads as promoting Viagra as a party drug and encouraging risky sexual behavior.

"Not only does sending this reckless message contribute to the spread of sexually transmitted diseases, but it is also part of a pattern of irresponsible direct-to-consumer advertising by the drug industry," said Michael Weinstein, president of the AIDS group, in a statement.

And here I thought sexual restraint was part and parcel of the Christofascist agenda. I guess that only applies to women.
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