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Thursday, September 23, 2004

So simple even a chimp can hack it
Posted by Jill | 11:52 AM
It's no secret to anyone that responsibility for getting me through the day with my sanity intact has fallen on the highly neurotic shoulders of Marc Maron of Air America's Morning Sedition. Without my daily dose of the Presidential Palm Pilot, Recovery Corner, and the Issues Guy, I'd probably go into a corner and sit in a fetal position, never to emerge. But I have webs to finish and a grant system to write for my beloved (really! I'm one of the lucky ones) Real Job, movie reviews to write, kitchen cabinets to reface, and a million other things to do. So I can't just withdraw into a crying jag until either the Bushes are out of office or death takes me, whichever comes first.

But sometimes not even Maron is enough, and this morning it took the assistance of none other than Bev Harris of Black Box Voting to restore my sanity. It seems that Diebold is swearing up and down at their voting machines are hack-proof, but the intrepid Harris hired Baxter, a chimpanzee, to attempt to hack Diebold's machines at a live press conference.

Do I even have to tell you whether Baxter was able to do it?

On this morning's show, Marc Riley, a.k.a. the Sane Person on Morning Sedition, wondered whether a chimpanzee would be allowed in the polling place. Harris' reply was that they'd have to put a security guard suit on him.

Maybe you had to be there.
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