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Tuesday, September 28, 2004

A sad commentary
Posted by Jill | 6:08 AM
Former Texas governor Ann Richards on George W. Bush (in the context of Thursday's debate:

"we see issues in less simplistic terms than the president. The president speaks in terms that are so simple on the most complex issues that it sort of leaves you with your mouth hanging open,"

"It is one of the slickest political machines that I've seen in my lifetime, and I've been in politics for over 50 years," she said. "I think it is without question the most difficult (to counter) when it comes to the misrepresentation of facts."

"Here we are in a war where we have committed $200 billion, shortchanged education, shortchanged health care, shortchanged job training, and the reason we were told we had to go to war was because (Iraq was) a threat to the safety and security of America.

"But now it turns out, with the simplistic responses that George Bush gives, that we were there to get rid of a bad man, Saddam Hussein. There's no discussion about what he's going to do about all of the other bad men in the world.

"But if he can answer the questions with those simple little terms, he has avoided answering the tough questions, like how many more men and women will it take? How much more money? What is the Pentagon telling you? And why don't you believe the CIA reports you're getting now that this thing doesn't look solvable?"

"If we in this country have become the kind of people that we don't want to know anything more than some simplistic answer or non-answer to questions, then God help us," she said. "If we want to elect people to public office whose whole purpose and goal is to avoid controversy and avoid answering the tough questions about government, then we're in terrible shape."

Memo go Gov. Richards: We're in terrible shape. Look how this guy is polling!
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