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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Quote of the Day: Still the Best edition
Posted by Jill | 2:32 PM
Nobody does it like Drifty:
After all Romney really is the perfect Brooksian Candidate: hollow, reprogrammable and rich. Where John McCain was willing to grit his teeth and bellycrawl to kiss Jerry Falwell's ass, the humanlike simulacrum named "Mitt" gives every indication that, if required to complete his Prime Directive, he would cheerfully disinter Falwell's mortal remains, dress them up in Nancy Reagan's 1981 inaugural ball gown and dance a tarantella with it on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial on the Fourth of July.

Warning: Seriously demented Photochoppery at the link.

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Blogger Elayne said...
I must confess, I'm as uncomfortable with left-wingers referring to Romney as robotic as I was when right-wingers did it to Gore. Sure, Romney's an opportunist of the first order, but he's no more wooden than Gore was.