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Friday, January 08, 2010

The Republicans will attempt to rewrite history. Will Americans buy it?
Posted by Jill | 4:03 PM
This morning Rudy Giuliani, who sold himself for eight years as the Saint of 9/11, said on two separate morning shows that no terrorist attacks occurred during the Bush years.

First he said it on Morning Schmoe until Mike Brzezinski reminded him about 9/11, then he said it on Good Morning America:

And that hack cable news whore Stephanopoulos said nothing. He didn't confront him, he didn't do anything. He has since acknowledged his "mistake" on his blog, but the damage is done, because the "low-information voters" who are susceptible to short memories are the ones watching the morning shows while they make the kids' lunches. They are not going to read a retraction on Stephanopoulos' blog.

But this is now a pattern with ex-Bushies. The tally is now Dana Perino, Mary Matalin, and Rudy Giuliani, ALL claiming that there were no terrorist attacks under the Bush Administration. Even when they clarify later on that they mean "...after 9.11", that isn't true either. We had the anthrax attacks, the shoe bomber, the DC snipers, the guy who plowed into a group of students in Chapel Hill in the name of Mohammed Atta....and that's just what I can think of. And the reality is that if the Bushistas were so successful in their so-called "war on terror", why are we still in this mess?

The Republicans are doing no less than attempting to rewrite history. They know how inattentive Americans are. They know what short memories Americans have. Republicans have always known how to play to American stupidity and willful ignorance. While the Democrats have always taken the high road and claimed that "Americans are too smart to believe....." -- Republicans know that they will believe anything if it's claimed often enough. That's how we had the Swift Boat Liars turning George Bush into a war hero and John Kerry into a chickenshit traitor. That's how we have a majority of Republicans buying into the birther nonsense. It may be cynicism, but Republicans understand this about a population that's easily distracted by reality television and their own dwindling prospects. And in four years, a majority of Americans really WILL believe that 9/11 happened on either Bill Clinton's or Barack Obama's watch. Just wait.

UPDATE: More at Scholars and Rogues, including a list of terrorist attacks that took place on US soil between September 11, 2001, and the day George W. Bush left office.

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Blogger Nan said...
Rudy was on the Situation Room this evening trying to dig his way out of the hole. As far as I could tell, the only thing he succeeded at was confirming he is a racist asshat -- because for him the only type of terrorism that counts as terrorism is that which is conducted by Muslims. The anthrax attacks, for example, don't count as domestic terrorism because apparently Muslims weren't involved.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Now a fast dirty review of American history and how the story changes.

A Virginia planter had successfully run through his inheritance from his half brother, started a 7 year war between the English and the French.
Married a rich widow and run through her fortune. Had debts beyond resources to English merchants. Decided to "rebel" for "no pay boys, this is for god and country, no pay, just pay my expenses." 7 years later, bankrupt Virginia planter bills the Continental Congress for 350.000. When he only had 10,000 cash on hand when the war started and he wouldn't have had that if he had gone to a debtors prison. Did he ever pay his English debts, hell no.

Jill, do I see any of that in the heroic saga of George Washington?

Hell, the semi literate don't believe George Bush was a war criminal of the first class.