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Saturday, February 14, 2009

It all depends on what the meaning of "dangerous is"
Posted by Jill | 9:34 AM
And to WHOM it's dangerous:

Last night on The O’Reilly Factor, Bill O’Reilly showed a clip of a Fox News producer ambushing Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-VT) to accuse him of political hypocrisy for urging an investigation into Bush crimes after he had opposed the Clinton impeachment. “This Leahy thing — this is beyond the pale,” O’Reilly moaned.

Marc Thiessen, Bush’s former chief speechwriter, agreed. Not only would the investigations be hypocritcal, he said, but worse, they would be “terribly dangerous” because they would expose the “facts” of the U.S.’s interrogation techniques to Osama bin Laden:

THIESSEN: [T]he facts that they want to get out are the techniques we use to interrogate terrorists. The techniques that we used to intercept e-mails and communications and telephone calls. And when you get those facts out, it’s not just going out to the American people and to the viewers on television. It’s going out to Osama bin Laden. It’s going out to the terrorists who can use those information to get around our intelligence and plan the next attack.

So it’s very deadly — this is very deadly serious stuff. … And it’s terribly dangerous.

He also emphasized that the people Leahy might investigate “aren’t torturers, they’re heroes.” “They should be getting a parade on Pennsylvania Avenue,” he added. Watch it:

Somehow I think an investigation would be far more dangerous to Bush Administration criminals than it would be to national security

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Blogger The Minstrel Boy said...
having worked my share of classified operations during my brief military career one thing i noticed.

first was, the things i was doing were never a secret from the enemy. christ, i was doing it to them, of course they knew about it.

it was a secret from my mom. that's who they didn't want to know what i was doing.

mom wouldn't have ever stood for that shit, and they knew it.

Blogger Susan Blake said...
Love the post and esp. this reply from minstrel boy. My son was in Iraq - he couldn't tell me stuff either - we laugh about it now and he says if the mom's in the military family support group ran the military the war would have ended before it began.

Blogger merlallen said...
the Navy doesn't have glow-in-the-dark lights because of Mom.
Do they still make those things?