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Monday, June 04, 2007

14 more solders dead of Presidential psychopathy and Senatorial cowardice
Posted by Jill | 6:58 AM
14 more families receive the bad news:

A car bomb attack outside a major U.S. military base in Iraq discharged a gaseous cloud that sickened dozens of people Sunday, punctuating a flurry of violence that left 14 American soldiers dead over the past three days.

The counterinsurgency strategy launched by Army Gen. David H. Petraeus, the top U.S. commander in Iraq, has moved soldiers off the sprawling, fortified American bases into smaller, more vulnerable outposts in violent neighborhoods to bring them into more sustained contact with the people they want to protect. But their presence creates more potential targets, as combat operations have expanded with the addition of five brigades of soldiers in Iraq, part of President Bush's troop buildup.


Most of the U.S. casualties since Friday resulted from roadside bombings, the deadliest weapon Americans face in Iraq. A roadside bomb northwest of Baghdad killed four soldiers on patrol Sunday, and two more soldiers were killed Saturday by a roadside bomb in Nineveh province, north of Baghdad.

In a series of other attacks, two soldiers were killed in Diyala province and six in the Baghdad area. In one incident, a soldier on foot patrol southwest of Baghdad spotted two men near a mosque who appeared suspicious, the military said. As the soldier approached to question them, one of the men detonated explosives, killing himself and the soldier.

Fourteen more American young people killed for no reason other than a president who cannot admit a mistake and a Congress too craven and cowardly to stand up to him and his lackeys in the media. Fourteen more families coping with the loss of a husband, a brother, a son. And for what? So that Petraeus can say in September that the effort has been a success whether it is or not? And what will the Senate Democrats do then?


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