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Monday, July 31, 2006

Jamaicans of Mass Destruction
Posted by Jill | 11:12 AM
That seems to be the attitude of the U.S. Embassy in Kingston, Jamaica, anyway:

The United States Embassy in Kingston has denied visitors’ visas to several Jamaican students who were scheduled to travel to Florida to participate in Culturama 2006 on Sunday.
The annual performance festival, which was to celebrate Jamaica's 44th year of independence, has since been cancelled.

RJR News has been informed that Jamaica's 50 top middle and high school dancers from the annual Mello-Go-Round competition were scheduled to perform in Florida.

However when they went to the Embassy on Thursday all the visa requests were denied.

The US Embassy has provided no reason for the decision.

The performance, scheduled for the Coral Springs Centre for the Arts, would have marked the event's 14th year.

Organisers expected the event, featuring live Jamaican music, poetry and traditional dance, to draw 1,500 patrons as it did last year.

This particular tidbit comes to us courtesy of Hoffmania, who is arguably even more of a Jamaicophile than Mr. Brilliant and I are.

This decision makes absolutely no sense whatsoever, and only serves to turn Jamaica into yet another country in the world that hates Americans.

This year we are going to celebrate our 20th anniversary here. Looks like I'll have to pack my "American Traveler Apology T-Shirt".
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