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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Anything interesting happen today?
Posted by Jill | 10:04 PM
If there is one good thing that can be said about today, it's that thanks to Donald Trump, we're one step closer to what the REAL teabagger objection is to Barack Obama, and it has nothing to do with birth certificates or college transcripts or, as Orly Taitz tried to present tonight before Lawrence O'Donnell went all Howard Beale on her, Social Security numbers:

(You SURE it was such a great idea to shitcan Olbermann, guys?)

Either Trump is the most loathsome kind of narcissistic self-promoter on the planet (worse than we already know), or he's a mad genius. Because once you stop talking about legal birth certificates and open the door that allows known racist Pat Buchanan to start frothing at the mouth again about affirmative action, you're one step closer to talking about what the REAL problem is that the Tea Party has with Barack Obama, and it has nothing to do with policy or ideology.

Someone is setting a trap for Republicans and for the Tea Party. The question is whether Barack Obama is actually playing eleven-dimensional chess for real this time, waiting until the birth certificate nonsense reached Peak Wingnut (® John Cole and became part of accepted Republican doctrine to bring out the long-form certificate; or if Donald Trump is doing the kind of street theatre worthy of the late Andy Kaufman, getting Obama to release the birth certificate, moving on to affirmative action, and getting the racist Teabaggers to shout "Fuck Yeah!"

And I have absolutely no idea what it is. Occam's razor indicates that this was Obama simply once again trying to be the only adult in the room and Donald Trump is the same kind of famewhore that he's always been. But do we know for sure?

Of greater interest to me is what I heard on Randi Rhodes' show today about what happened to Nicole Sandler yesterday when she attempted to ask a question of her Congressman, Allen West, the psychopath that Teabaggers in Fort Lauderdale elected to Congress last November:

Got that? For the "crime" of daring to question the lies spewing from the mouth of a sadistic war criminal who claims that liberal women are neutering men and who IS SUPPOSED TO BE A PUBLIC SERVANT, an American citizen, Nicole Sandler, was jailed for 17 hours, held in solitary for three, and maced.

From the above link, Sandler spoke with Brad Friedman about what happened:
I just got out of jail. Just had a Five Guys burger and fries, my first meal in the last 24 hours or so. First thing I did, I had CBS meet me as I was leaving. They'll be running a story later today. We're heading home now.

You'll love this. You know that old 'presumed innocent until proven guilty' thing? They don't do that down here in Broward County.

Now I understand what Bradley Manning was going through because I was put in solitary confinement. After bitching about it, I was maced. After being stuck in jail after about 3 hours, it was lunchtime. I said "can I please come out now, I'm really really sorry".

I had been in the women's area, there must have been 25 or 30 women in there. All but 4 of us were eventually called this morning to go before a magistrate.

Even though $25 bond was posted last night at 2am, and it's 8am I'm still not released. They said the bond takes about 6 to 8 hours process.

So then they're coming in to clean the cells. So they stuck all 4 of us in this one cell where they store the mattresses. A 12 by 7 feet. So they put the 4 of us in this cell with the 50 mattresses being stored, no air circulation, for a few minutes while they cleaned. And then they forgot about us.

After a while I see the women sent to the magistrate returned. We're still stuck in there for at least an hour. I said to the guard, "You forgot about us." He said "Oh, well, that happens."

"That happens?!," I said, "I think you owe us an apology. "You want an apology?," he said. "You see that cell up there? #1? You can have all the air you want. There's your apology." And he put me in there for like three hours. Solitary.

After being in there for hours with nothing to do, your mind plays tricks on you. In fact, while in there, they called my name, and I'm screaming "I'm in here! I'm in here!" They didn't let me out. And another hour went by.

Lunch was then served, and I asked "can I come out?" The guard said "NO!" I said, "Well, do I get to eat?" He said yeah, he handed me some food and then the door opened again, and I sat on the top step outside the cell, and he said "GET BACK IN THEL CELL!" ... And before I knew it, they were spraying me with mace. Not just once, but sprayed and sprayed to where I'm like screaming.

I can't believe this happened. I said, "I'm in here because I tried to ask my Congressman a question at a town hall."

Here's the thing, Brad, it wasn't a town hall meeting. He gave a presentation, and then he gave a speech. If I had known that, I wouldn't have gone. But he billed it as a town hall meeting, where there are usually questions back and forth. It's amazing.

And these fuckers DARE to say that it's Barack Obama who's un-American?

Oh, and by the way? While the media were giving Trump more camera time, and O'Donnell made the foolish mistake of thinking a crazy woman was going to admit that she's crazy, the Supreme Court gave corporations another blowjob today.

But on the other hand, there's this.

Thanks to Derek at Cheek and Bluster for the last two links.

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