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Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Somehow I think the name "Lori Klausutis" will never come up if he does
Posted by Jill | 5:17 AM
Andy Ostroy thinks Joe Scarborough is going to run for president:
The ever-shrinking right-wing-nutjob base can have Sarah Palin. My early money for the Republican Party's next presidential nominee is MSNBC pundit and former Florida congressman Joe Scarborough.

In case you haven't noticed, this Joe has been more ubiquitous lately than a cup of Starbucks Java on a New York morning. He's everywhere these days, all dressed up (suits vs fleece) with only one place he'd probably love to go: the White House. And if he plays his cards right, he could give President Barack Obama a very difficult challenge in 2012.

Andy could be right. I'm not convinced that Joey "Dead Girl in Office" the Scar is planning a run, but he could find himself under pressure to run, because he puts a friendly face on extreme wingnuttia, and he's had a nice 3-hour daily forum from which to work.

Of course, if Scarborough does decide to exchange the cushy life of a pundit for the equally cushy life of being a Republican president with a lot of friends in the media, I'm sure that one thing we WON'T be hearing is questions about the dead intern found in his Florida office during that summer of 2001, when everyone else was obsessed with the dead girl who was linked to Gary Condit.


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Anonymous Bill said...
Your link to the previous post regarding the dead intern is dead itself.

Blogger Steve said...
In an unusual spirit of non-partisanship, it was truly uplifting and overwhelming to see the sincere grief wingnuttia recently demonstrated over the premature loss, 40 years ago, of an up and coming young female democrat, Mary Jo, whilst showing not the slightest interest in the premature demise, a scant 8 years ago, of one of their own, Lori.

It isn't often we see this kind of unselfish sacrifice in today's political theater.

Anonymous newbroom said...
I sniffed the political ambitions of Joe The Scar awhile ago when he returned to Morning Joe from a brief hiatus with what looked like a makeover and more regular mention of his previous legislative experience....AS IF extreme wingnuttia COULD put on a friendly face!

Blogger Distributorcap said...
i think Joe's own private Chappaquidick will come back to haunt should he decide to run for anything

his nauseating presence on tv every day has stopped him from flying under the radar

kennedys never flew under the radar